This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web — a day early this week because we'll have strategy updates for Dynamic Asset Allocation and Sector Rotation on Friday.

What are the 7 signs of a bear market? (USA TODAY). Only one box is checked so far.

The Dow’s tumultuous 120-year history, in one chart (MarketWatch). A handsome payoff, but the ride hasn’t been smooth.

Would you rather have $1 million or $5,000 monthly in retirement? (Wall Street Journal). The importance of being able to translate a lump sum into a monthly income.

When it’s finally time to retire, but you can’t spend your savings (CNN). After a lifetime of saving, some people have a hard time using their nest egg for its intended purpose.

Don’t settle for a subpar health savings account (Morningstar). HSAs have big benefits, but very few people take full advantage of them.

And from the blogosphere…

All-time highs are usually followed by all-time highs (A Wealth of Common Sense). While riding out a downturn can be challenging, each new high can bring problems of its own.

Investors underperforming their own investments (The Reformed Broker). Volatility “is not the enemy because it causes fluctuation – rather, it is the enemy because it drives bad decisions.”

Time segmentation as the compromise solution for retirement income (Advisor Perspectives). A closer look at “the middle child” of retirement income strategies.

The wonders of the future (Collaborative Fund). Reminds me of this quote from Nick Murray, author of Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth: “If you think the market is too high, wait until you see it twenty years from now.”

‘Aging in America’ report: On money, work and finding purpose (Next Avenue). The high price of Medigap coverage, the increasing popularity of reverse mortgages, and more.

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