As we head into the final weekend of July, here's our weekly collection of interesting reads on investing, personal finance, and stewardship.


And from the bloggers and pundits...

  • They all fall down (Michael Batnick, Irrelevant Investor). The Facebook swoon is a needed reminder that double-digit declines are sometimes the cost of doing business.
  • U.S. stock market breadth strengthening (Bespoke). Lagging cyclical sectors are showing signs of life and 73% of S&P 500 stocks are now above their 50-day moving averages. That seems encouraging.
  • 10 money revelations from being a parent (Ben Carlson, A Wealth of Common Sense). Some insightful stuff here, including: "[H]aving kids forces you to prioritize your spending habits. You don't have nearly as much time to worry about yourself (which is actually kind of liberating)."
  • Housing costs reduce the return to education (Alex Tabarrok, Marginal Revolution). This short post from an economics professor at George Mason University makes an interesting point: "To earn high wages college-educated workers must increasingly live in expensive cities. One consequence is that the net college wage premium [i.e., additional salary based on level of educational attainment] is not as large as it appears." In other words, higher income but also higher outgo.
  • I received a ransom email (and this is what I did) (Bob Lotich, SeedTime). I got a ransom email this week too — actually, four of them, all with the same stolen password. Scary. (Related: Our June 2017 article, Protecting Your Financial Assets by Stepping Up Your Cybersecurity.)

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