Here's our weekly assortment of interesting web reads on investing and personal finance.

What I did on my summer vacation: 3 steps to get your retirement plan on track (MarketWatch). Practical ideas for putting your retirement-related financial records in order.

How much should you save for retirement? (Bloomberg). It depends. This article will help you think through your personal situation.

Flush with cash, top quant funds stumble (The Wall Street Journal, behind paywall). Complex isn't necessarily better. Quant funds, which use sophisticated statistical models to choose investments, are up only 1.44% this year overall (through 5/31). The S&P 500 is up 8.7%.

Don't let your power of attorney become powerless (Forbes). A good follow up to our June SMI newsletter article, "It may be time to review your estate-planning documents."

25 fun ways to make extra money (MarketWatch). Need more money for your emergency savings or to set aside for retirement? The ideas range from being a tour guide to writing greeting cards.

And from the blogosphere…

10-year Treasury yield drops despite Fed rate hike (The Capital Spectator). By raising rates this week and asserting that moderate economic growth will continue for the foreseeable future, the Fed is effectively arguing that the bond market is wrong.

Putting the tech wreck into perspective (A Wealth of Common Sense). Losses are always painful, but consider the year-to-date gains in tech stocks.

Prophets of doom with too much gloom (BloombergGadfly). Rich valuations don’t necessarily mean a market collapse is inevitable

The difference between a prediction and a probability (Pension Partners). This one is a few weeks old, but it serves as a helpful reminder that no one can reliably predict what the markets will do.

What is the average home worth in each state? (Overflow Data). Hawaii tops the list for high-priced housing, followed by Washington, D.C. Where does your state fall?