This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

Check these 7 retirement blind spots (Morningstar). How to prepare for the issues that catch many people off guard.

Investing in an uncertain world (Vanguard). A little knowledge of history, along with selective hearing, can help.

The bull market you haven’t seen (Bloomberg). What to make of a world where bad news drives the market higher.

Should you rebalance more often in volatile markets? (Schwab). Why you may want to resist the temptation.

10 things seniors should know about hospice (US News). Did you know that Medicare picks up most of the cost?

And from the blogosphere…

The laws of capitalism are being rewritten (The Reformed Broker). More thoughts on the strange investing environment we’re experiencing.

Sorry, you’re just going to have to save more money (Money Beat – a Wall Street Journal blog). “In a world turned upside down, sanity will be your most valuable asset as an investor.”

Stock market returns are lumpy (A Wealth of Common Sense). “Historical returns always look great on paper, but the actual experience of living through them is never really close to the average results.”

Why most retirees will never draw down their retirement portfolio (Kitces). Mind the “consumption gap.”

How to prepare for a recession (Monevator). Written for a UK audience, but with application to all of us. It isn’t that a recession appears to be imminent, it’s just that making sure your defenses are strong is always a good idea.

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