This week's picks for the best in personal finance from around the web.

How much stock should you own in retirement? (Wall Street Journal). Three asset allocation ideas for investing in your later years---all of which include more equity exposure than has been typically recommended.

How much does your income depend on your parents? (Main Street). The growing impact of the "birth lottery."

How wealth changes your personality (MarketWatch). Money changes things, including people's expectations.

Newly wary, shoppers trust cash (NY Times). Has the Target credit card mess led you to start using cash more often?

5 things to know about umbrella insurance (CNNMoney). You can get a lot for a little, but does that mean you need this coverage? It depends on how you view the risks it protects against.

And from the blogosphere...

A farm's lessons in long-term planning (The Sketch Guy - A NY Times blog). Wisdom about thinking down the road from those who know.

Retirement delayed to pay the mortgage (Squared Away). Are you on track to be mortgage-free by the time you intend to retire?

9 reasons the U.S. ended up so much more car-dependent than Europe (The Atlantic Cities). How many of your daily trips are (or could be) made without a car?

Building an emergency supply kit (The Simple Dollar). With severe weather hitting much of the country harder than usual this winter, a good reminder of what to keep on hand.

What's the point of regulating lemonade stands? (The Week). Another case of truth being stranger than fiction.

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