This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

American economy blues: everything you need to worry about (Fortune). As only Josh Brown can deliver, an ironic headline coupled with reasons not to worry.

Russell 2000 falls into correction territory (MarketWatch). While Josh looks at the big picture, in the trenches, small caps have been getting shelled.

The best investment strategy for you? It’s the one you’re likely to stick with (Washington Post). When asked to explain your approach to investing, keep your answer short and boring.

The greatest psychological problem affecting investors and traders (Forbes). How commitment helps keep you from being fooled by randomness.

God does help those who help themselves (Christianity Today). If that headline made you cringe, read on.

And from the blogosphere…

Rebuilding the wall of worry (Dash of Insight). Putting the usual worry suspects in perspective.

Reassess your investments before next panic (Money Beat – a Wall Street Journal blog). The benefits of a portfolio “pre-mortem.”

About time (Ritholtz). Why the ability to do less is an important investing skill.

Retiring early, retiring late, retiring penniless (Next Avenue). Insights from the latest batch of studies about the real experiences of real retirees.

Annuity pricing 102 (Retirement Researcher). How various annuity options impact how much they cost.

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