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And from the blogosphere...

  • It's hard to predict how you'll respond to risk (Mogan Housel, Collaborative Fund). The distance between anticipating what a market downturn will feel like vs. actually living through one is 10 miles wide.
  • Is your mortgage interest really deductible? (Hugh Chou). Can you still deduct your interest cost under the new tax law? Mr. Chou, a self-described "academic computer geek" at Washington University in St. Louis, has an online calculator that should answer the question.
  • Timing tax savings with deduction lumping and charitable clumping (Michael Kitces). Bright minds are already figuring out how slight changes in timing can enable some taxpayers to continue itemizing (at least in certain years).
  • Is the momentum factor relevant for bonds? (The Capital Spectator). "Suggesting that momentum strategies are irrelevant for bonds requires overlooking quite a lot of research that demonstrates an alternative conclusion." Yep. That's why we look at momentum when selecting the rotating fund in our Bond strategy.
  • Do not be conformed (Howard Dayton, Compass – finances God's way). It's not easy to resist the lure of a materialistic culture, especially when bombarded by manipulative advertising. (Keep that in mind as you watch the Super Bowl!)

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