This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

Why there is no ‘Trump Slump’ on Wall Street (NY Times). “The stock market is best understood not as a presidential poll but as a barometer of the nation’s current economic mood.”

This one important and emotional issue hurts Americans’ ability to invest (MarketWatch). When helping hurts.

3 reasons why this couple is ignoring their 401(k) accounts in early retirement (MarketWatch). How one couple is deciding which accounts to tap when.

She retires. He doesn’t. Why retiring together makes sense (usually) (Wall Street Journal). As with most things, it helps to talk about it and plan ahead.

Planning your estate when you’ve got no children or heirs (CNBC). Your church or a ministry you’re involved in may be natural choices for beneficiaries, but who to name as power-of-attorney can be more challenging.

And from the blogosphere…

The end is everything (Of Dollars and Data). Your investment returns right before and after you retire matter greatly.

Getting older? Admit it when you rebalance your portfolio (Monevator). Is it time for you to start dialing down the risk profile of your portfolio?

Can you afford to reach 100? (Mauldin Economics). What if you live much longer than you’re planning to?

The timing decision: When to leave an inheritance (Ron Blue Institute). Two principles to consider: The “Kingdom principle,” and the “givin’ while livin’ principle.”

How do you know if you need an annuity? (Oblivious Investor). Some people love annuities, other people hate them. Here’s how to make a good, unemotional decision.

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