Some of the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

  • How geopolitics impacts markets (The Big Picture). It may seem cold, and it probably seems counterintuitive, but, “Most of the time, markets are hardly affected by these sorts of terrible events.”
  • You cannot control the uncontrollable (The Evidence-Based Investor). “Paradoxically, you want to do less in this environment, not more, to see yourself through to the other side.”
  • Now you get it (Collaborative Fund). It’s one thing to look at a chart and accept in theory that bear markets are a fact of life for investors, but it’s something altogether different to live through one.
  • Retirement income: six strategies (Enterprising Investor). The reality of sequence of returns risk and some ways to manage it.
  • Making your claim (Humble Dollar). More on the never-ending conversation about how to best claim Social Security benefits.
  • Which spouse’s IRA should we spend from? (Oblivious Investor). You’ve read about which type of account to tap first, but have you considered whose account to withdraw from first?
  • God’s purpose for work (Christian Stewardship Network). “No matter how much we achieve and how many awards we get, it will never satisfy us deeply unless it is tied to God's work and His purpose.”
  • Making a difference (Humble Dollar). An important question, and a life-changing response.

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