This week’s picks for the best in personal finance from around the web.

Making your money last: two contrasting approaches (Wall Street Journal). How well would you sleep knowing you had a 10% chance of outliving your money in retirement?

Year-end retirement plan to-do list (USA TODAY). When you’re done with the “honey-do” list, tackle this “money-do” list.

Protect your medical data from identity theft (MarketWatch). You may have to give blood to your doctor, but you probably don’t have to give him or her your Social Security number.

7 things to know about Thanksgiving shopping boycotts (Time). Apparently, if we don’t go shopping on Thursday, now we’re protesters.

The secret to resisting temptation (Wall Street Journal). Anyone tempted to overspend at this time of year? The solution sure sounds easy.

And from the blogosphere…

The wall of worry, illustrated (Bason Asset Management). The market’s upward ride has come with lots of reasons to worry.

7 simple things most investors don’t do (A Wealth of Common Sense). Financial headlines might give you something to talk about, but investing basics will give your portfolio a boost.

Viewing others through a prism of money (Sketch Guy – a NY Times blog). Do you treat people differently based on what you know about their finances?

Trade against a self-help genius (Bloomberg View). What happens when a motivational speaker writes a personal finance book?

Thanksgiving: The noblest and most joy-giving sacrifice (Eternal Perspective Ministry - Randy Alcorn). A great one to end on as we prepare for Thanksgiving.

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