This week’s picks for the best in personal finance from around the web—a day early this week since we'll have the new issue announcement Friday.

Bill and Melinda Gates aren’t leaving their kids billions (Wired). You may not have as much to give, but the Gates’ distinction between being able to do anything and being able to do nothing may still be helpful.

Five strategies to get the most from Social Security (MarketWatch). And one that might be eliminated — “file & suspend.”

Should you delay taking Social Security until you’re 70? ( The conventional advice sparks an interesting debate.

The case against owning a home (Yahoo! Finance). Could this unquestioned part of the American dream actually be one of the biggest financial mistakes?

Wrong again (The Weekly Standard). Economic forecasters come clean on their dismal record.

And from the blogosphere…

Psychology charts & sentiment cycles (The Big Picture). Great depictions of market cycles and their impact on investor sentiment.

Grand Central: How long is six months, really? (Real Time Economics – a Wall Street Journal blog). Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s single sentence that’s moving markets and creating buzz.

Haunted by the bull that got away (Money Beat – a Wall Street Journal blog). How to reframe the regret of missing out.

Rule number one: Don’t blow up (The Reformed Broker). Advice for advisors that’s helpful for investors as well.

Money-primed people show increased self-reliance and more selfishness (Money Help For Christians). Just thinking about money impacts our behavior.

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