This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

Investors look past headlines as bull market roars ahead (NY Times). With eyes on the economy, investors see reason for optimism.

White House chaos doesn’t bother the stock market (Bloomberg). For investors, apparently the drama is just a sideshow.

How big do you want your nest egg to be? (NY Times). And what is your number based on? All the confusion around this topic is why we’re so pleased to now offer our premium members access to MoneyGuidePro.

Tips for handling investing uncertainty (Vanguard). Putting the post-election rally into context with some back-to-the-basics reminders of principles for wise investing.

Ready to retire? Better ask yourself these 3 questions first (Time). Do your expectations match reality?

And from the blogosphere…

What would John Templeton think? (The Big Picture). “…how can we not ask ourselves whether we are in the ‘euphoria’ stage of this bull run.”

Just a thought (The Reformed Broker). The post-election rally won’t go on forever.

Reagan vs. Trump: Parallels and implications (MacKay Shields). Short video from Dan Roberts, former member of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers under President Reagan and current Chief Investment Officer of MacKay Shields, with $95 billion under management. He points out the very different economic conditions at the start of Trump’s presidency vs. Reagan’s.

Retirement decisions with expiration dates (The Retirement Café). “Delaying some retirement decisions too long can take them off the table.”

Getting rich vs. staying rich (Collaborative Fund). Well-written piece on the importance of staying humble.

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