This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

Investor returns are all about the timing (Financial Times). A long-running study once again finds investors often get in their own way by trying to time the market.

Get rid of that debt before you retire (USA TODAY). Are you on track to retire your mortgage before you retire?

5 lies people tell themselves about retirement (MarketWatch). A lack of urgency leads to a lack of preparedness.

U.S. parents’ college funding worries are top money concern (Gallup). We’ll have guidance on paying for college in the next issue of the SMI newsletter.

How Baby Boomers are creating their own retirement communities (US News). An alternative that sits somewhere between “aging in place” and assisted living.

And from the blogosphere…

Let the economists obsess over rising rates (The Irrelevant Investor). Why it’s more profitable to leave the worrying to them.

Place constraints on yourself (A Wealth of Common Sense). How to stay out of your own way as an investor.

Is retirement an outmoded concept? (A Satisfying Retirement). A good question, although the blogger who asked it may have to rename his blog!

HSAs and Medicare: a potential Social Security pitfall (Oblivious Investor). How you could unintentionally make yourself ineligible for a Health Savings Account.

Living generously as a family (National Christian Foundation). Building a dream home – one family’s powerful experience with the idea that all things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial.

We’d love to hear your responses to any of the above. To weigh in, just meet us in the comments section.