This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

The mind games investors lose (Morningstar). Why fund returns and investor returns are often two very different things.

Retirement calculators may not add up (CNBC). Why you should check the assumptions built into the calculator you use, and use more than one calculator.

Why women tend to outperform men when investing (Investment News). This article focuses on fund managers, but I suspect the lessons are applicable within our households as well.

Start planning well before first RMD (Chicago Tribune). To minimize the tax bite, plan early.

Golden years redefined as older Americans buck trend and work (Bloomberg). We’ve seen studies saying more people are planning to work longer; Now, it appears, many people actually are.

And from the blogosphere…

Investors: Do the hard thing, don’t do the easy thing (Money Beat – a Wall Street Journal blog). The reach for yield is going too far.

This bull market is powered by your indifference (Bloomberg View). Two overblown concerns on Wall Street, and one worrisome sign on Main Street.

Why do bond prices work the way they do (Oblivious Investor). A good primer for those still learning about bonds.

The folly of stock market forecasting (Alpha Architect). A closer look at the method behind the madness of those who dare to forecast.

The good side of pessimism (Pragmatic Capitalism). Where there’s negativity, there tends to be better returns.

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