This week's picks for the best in personal finance from around the web.

How your personality affects your investment choices (Morningstar). Take the test and find out.

Parents, the children will be fine. Spend their inheritance now. (NY Times). There are far more parents who intend to leave an inheritance than there are kids who expect to receive one.

Now is a tough time to retire (Financial Advisor). When you're on the cusp of retirement, historical stock market returns matter least of all.

Financial simplicity should be a retirement priority (US News). Now's the time for a little financial house cleaning.

Reverse mortgages no fast ticket to retirement easy street (Washington Post). Even a mortgage that pays you could lead to foreclosure.

And from the blogosphere...

Enduring lessons from the financial crisis (A Wealth of Common Sense). Never let a crisis go to waste. At very least, learn from it.

The top secrets of successful retirees (PT Money). Real retirees on what they did well and wish they had done better.

A fireside chat with Charlie Munger (Money Beat - a Wall Street Journal blog). Buffett's right hand man on the importance of knowing what you don't know and why Benjamin Graham wasn't all he was cracked up to be.

Retirement - a luxury good (The Aleph Blog). Why modern retirement is an exercise in compromise.

Must, should, and financial freedom (My Money Blog). How money can be a bridge to the life you must live.

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