This week’s SMI picks of some of the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

The end of the Trump rally has a silver lining (Bloomberg). Do markets really care about headlines and narratives?

Record level of investors see ‘Goldilocks’ economy (CNBC). If you can look past the headline-of-the-day coming out of Washington, the global economy looks good.

Amazon’s IPO at 20: That amazing return you didn't earn (Wall Street Journal, behind paywall). A $10,000 investment in Amazon 20 years ago would be worth $4.9 million today! But few investors had the stomach for Amazon's wild ride, which included a 95% drop from 1991-2001 and a 64% plunge in 2008.

8 things you should know about Social Security (Bankrate, via Fidelity). Nothing new here, but a good primer on the basics — including how payouts are calculated and the gist of SS rules related to spousal and widow benefits.

Preserving wealth by defining a legacy – the role of family historians (Forbes). Passing money on to your children? Do more. Pass on your life story and stewardship outlook. If your parents are still alive, get them to tell their story, and put it in writing for future generations.

And from the blogosphere…

What’s going on? (The Irrelevant Investor). Many investors are feeling the fear of a falling market: "It’s difficult to stay invested these days, but isn’t it always?"

Into the teeth of the next bear (The Reformed Broker). Anticipating the fallout from the next big downturn.

Don't predict, plan (Peter Lazaroff). Is a downturn part of your plan?

Should you take some money off the table? (White Coat Investor). It depends. Are you a gambler or an investor?

Which should you take first: Social Security or your 401(k)? (Retirement Researcher). Making a thoughtful choice can make a huge difference.

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