This week's picks for the best in personal finance from around the web.

The surging stock market: too late to buy? (Wall Street Journal). This year, mutual funds have seen their biggest inflow since 2007.

What's driving the boom in bonds? (Kiplinger). Why the bond market is defying expectations.

Americans still aren't saving for a rainy day (Time). Different year, same story.

U.S. economy shrinks in first quarter (Financial Times). Why many analysts are shrugging off the news.

Data shows retirees better off today than 1950 (CBS News). It's time to stop longing for the good old days.

And from the blogosphere...

A portfolio is not a plan (The Reformed Broker). Never decorate a house that has no foundation.

The 'father of the VIX' on its 7-year low: Don't worry about it (The Tell - a MarketWatch blog). Why the inventor of the volatility gauge isn't concerned.

Investors: Beware sound economic analysis ( The important difference between sound economic analysis and unique analysis that isn't widely known.

The problem with positive thinking: an excerpt from Investing Psychology (Abnormal Returns). How the "introspection illusion" can lead us down a bad financial path.

It's time to opt out of impulse buying (Sketch Guy - a NY Times blog). Is it really smart to buy a phone whose primary purpose is to help us buy more stuff?

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