Our latest picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

Investors expect a stock market plunge—and they are ready to buy (Bloomberg). Of course, we don’t advocate market timing. For a less stressful way to plan ahead, follow the Bloomberg article with this one from Austin.

Coping with sequence risk (Advisor Perspectives). There are numerous options for dealing with sequence of returns risk. This one throws an annuity into the mix.

Is guaranteed income for life the right option for you? (Time). With that headline, how could you say no? Of course, the article is about annuities. It offers some helpful ideas for weighing the pros and cons.

At long last, Medicare cards get a makeover to protect seniors from identity theft (Washington Post). Medicare cards, long behind the times when it comes to identity theft protection, finally catch up.

9 benefits of decluttering your home before you die (US News). Okay, it isn’t the cheeriest of headlines, but there’s some good motivation here for getting your house in order.

And from the blogosphere…

Retiring early with a $0 tax bill (The White Coat Investor). It isn’t a high income that defines wealth; it’s a high net worth. The tax implications are significant.

Risk composure: The real predictor of who can stick to their investment plan (Kitces). A new twist on assessing your risk tolerance.

Tame your inner economist (The Evidence-Based Investor). The economy is not the stock market.

Medicare Advantage shopping: 10 rules (Squared Away). If you’re a Medicare user, open enrollment season is coming. Here are some ways to prepare.

Saving money and running backwards (Collaborative Fund). When it comes to the hedonic treadmill, we could all stand to run at a slower speed.

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