This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web—a day early this week because we'll have updates to our Dynamic Asset Allocation and Sector Rotation strateiges tomorrow.

Can your portfolio survive rising interest rates? (Fortune). Why the bark of rising rates may be worse than the bite.

Trouble with the (yield) curve (Morningstar). A deeper dive on the possible impact of rising rates.

3 key retirement numbers you need to know (MarketWatch). Do you know your “reliance rate”?

When the family’s financial boss dies (Fidelity). As I’ve recommended before, a great way to plan ahead is to complete the Set Your House in Order study from Compass—Finances God’s Way.

The key to prosperity (Christianity Today). Trust me—it isn’t what you think.

And from the blogosphere…

How much guaranteed income do you need in retirement? (Real Deal Retirement). Making an informed choice about annuities.

5 hardest things about retirement that you aren’t expecting (Main Street). Far better to think all of this through before you retire.

Being a good loser is essential to becoming a good investor (Pragmatic Capitalism). Why you don’t want everything in your portfolio to go up at the same time.

With short-term goals, go for a bird in the hand (Sketch Guy – a NY Times blog). In some cases, the return of your money is far more important than the return on your money.

College borrowers’ remorse (Squared Away). All college-bound students and their parents should watch this.

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