This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web — a day early this week because we'll have DAA and Sector Rotation updates on Friday.

After-tax 401(k) rollover to Roth IRA ok’d (Fidelity). Roth-seeking high-income earners take note.

Why your 401(k) is lagging the market’s gains (MarketWatch). Remember, you can use SMI to help guide your workplace plan investments.

7 myths that could trip up IRA contributors (Morningstar). How well do you know IRA rules and regs?

Retirees share their biggest financial surprises (Financial Post). Learning from those who are a few steps ahead on the journey.

Why you should tell your children how much you make (NY Times). A financial lesson that’s likely to be remembered.

And from the blogosphere…

Retirement saving: excuses and regrets (Squared Away). A common regret of older investors is not getting started earlier. Are any young people listening?

A watchful eye can safeguard an elder’s finances (Total Return – a Wall Street Journal blog). Choosing someone trustworthy to be second in command. 

Look out, middle class, Obama’s 529 U-turn reveals the budget truth Democrats know but avoid (American Enterprise Institute). There’s only so much to be gained by adding new taxes to the wealthy.

My favorite non-investing books about investing (A Wealth of Common Sense). Looking beyond the numbers to learn about investing.

Should we leave our children inheritances? (Randy Alcorn). A closer look at what the Bible really teaches on the topic.

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