This week’s picks of investing and personal finance articles (plus two articles about the ongoing upheaval in the retailing/e-tailing world).

What’s my investing fee? A frustrating quest (WSJ). "I assumed the fee information I was looking for would be readily available. Wrong."

Health savings account contributions can boost your retirement (CNBC). HSAs offer triple tax advantages? Yep.

Here's how much home $300,000 will buy you in every US state (CNBC). Interesting snapshot of how much the cost of housing varies across America.

Corporate profits just posted their biggest jump in five years (CNBC). January-March also saw the best three-month overall earnings growth since the third quarter of 2011.

The long, hard, unprecedented fall of Sears (Bloomberg). The decline of what was once America's preeminent department store chain has no parallell in the history of business.

Amazon strikes back again at Walmart's free 2-day shipping offer (Business Insider). Amazon was raising shipping prices for non-Prime customers, until...

And from the blogosphere…

Pricing changes at online brokerages and investment advisors (Investing to Thrive). Amazon isn't the only company adjusting prices downward. 

Decluttering 101: 10 rules to help you live with less stuff (Be More With Less). Not "rules" so much as ways to re-frame your thinking about decluttering.

The joy of living within your means (Becoming Minimalist). "I sleep better, carry less stress, and live a more calm, relaxed life."

Consider retiring early (The White Coat Investor). One couple's story of deciding to get out of the fast lane a few years earlier than originally planned. Food for thought.

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