Here is our heading-into-Memorial-Day weekend roundup of interesting reads on investing, personal finance, and stewardship.

And from the blogosphere...

  • Borrow…if you dare (Nick Maggiulli, Of Dollars and Data). Why borrowing to invest is one of the most dangerous things you can do as an investor.
  • Claiming Social Security early to invest it: What rate of return (discount rate) should we assume? (Mike Piper, Oblivious Investor). Taking SS retirement benefits early and investing them might not be a bad idea, but don't be overly optimistic about the potential for gains.
  • Trends in college savings (Mark Kantrowitz, College savings are up, but less than half of savers are using tax-favored college-savings accounts such as 529 plans and Coverdell accounts. Go figure.
  • What is the primary reason for Christian giving in the Bible? (Juicy Ecumenism). A transcript of a remarkable testimony by tech-entrepreneur-turned pastor Dominic Sputo, author of Heirloom Love: Authentic Christianity for this Age of Persecution.
  • Radio transition (Compass – finances God's way). Tuesday's "SMI on the Radio" post noted that our executive editor Mark Biller was on MoneyWise this week, but it didn't mention Compass, the ministry that's been producing that program for the past several years. That's because Compass has handed off MoneyWise. Compass founder Howard Dayton has details at the link.

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