Here's our weekly Roundup (posted a day early this week to make way for tomorrow's end-of-month updates for the DAA and Sector Rotation strategies):

And from the pundits and bloggers...

  • Different kinds of smart (Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund). Some of the smartest investors of all time went bankrupt 20 years ago this week. 
  • The seven worst words in the world [PDF] (Howard Marks). The latest must-read memo from the founder of Oaktree Capital Management. Marks notes that while the details of market cycles differ, certain themes recur. Learning to recognize those themes can protect you from a world of hurt.
  • Why you don't know the price until you sell (Nick Maggiulli, Of Dollars and Data). Having ample cash during a panic is like having water in the desert.
  • 3rd Fed rate hike of 2018: Deposit rate predictions and strategies (Ken Tumin, DepositAccounts). Online banks continue to react to Fed rate increases. Tumin says "it is reasonable to expect a bank to offer 2.50% APY nationwide on a savings account or money market account in the next two months."
  • Christian hoarding? (Eric Metaxas & Stan Guthrie, Breakpoint). Many of us seem to have an insatiable urge to hoard. Christ calls us to a different way.

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