Hey, friends! Welcome again to #GivingTuesday, the only day in your year when every $1 you give turns into $4!

#Giving Tuesday is a movement designed to launch the Christmas season with an emphasis on generosity rather than material pursuits. It's a response to the materialism of Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) that is all about spending on self and loved ones.

As in years past, our friends at the Jesus Film Project are our "Giving Tuesday" partners, and this year my wife Susie and I — and hopefully you — are joining them in their campaign to help take the Gospel to new parts of India!

According to the Jesus Film Project team:

Spreading Jesus' love is a joy, but sadly, right now there are more than 1 billion unreached people in India. That's more than any other nation. At the same time, India is gravely impacted by poverty, with women and children living in daily crisis.... You can help make disciples by showing the "JESUS" film in peoples' very own language … and start small groups … and plant multiplying churches...

Your gift by midnight tonight will be doubled dollar for dollar, up to $211,500. Normally $141 would support a film team in India for an entire month. But because your gift is doubled you can provide for TWO film teams' needs for that amount! Your gift today of $282 sends FOUR teams for a month.

Think of all the film showings in a month you could be a part of. Then double that number because of the challenge grant funds! And on average, two film teams will reach hundreds of people and plant six new churches or discipleship groups every year.

Plus, this campaign comes with an additional matching offer. First, Susie and I will match your gift, so your $1 becomes $2. Then other Jesus Film supporters, as described above, will match our combined gift, turning it into $4. Where will you find a better kingdom investment than that?

Here's a little about how the project works from the Jesus Film site.

Imagine being part of all this:

●      Identifying a village or neighborhood to show the film
●      Finding a location to meet
●      Sharing the good news through the "JESUS" film to people who have never heard it before
●      Watching people come to know Jesus
●      Planting churches and distributing DVDs
●      Watching Jesus at work in people's lives in an unreached part of India!
●      Playing a part in planting 25,000 Indian churches and discipleship groups in 2019

While $141 is the amount needed, on average, to put a Jesus Film team on the field for a month, your gift of any amount would be appreciated! (If you read this too late to give on Tuesday, anything given this week will count.)

Last year, the SMI family generously gave more than $12,000 in response to the Giving Tuesday challenge. Perhaps this year all SMI members together, each giving what he or she has a heart to give, could contribute $15,000, Susie and I will match it and the Jesus Film receives $30,000. Then the Jesus Film's matching-grant donors add $30,000 more, and the $60,000 raised can send 140 film teams out sharing Jesus for the next three months! Working together, we can do something significant to "seek and save the lost" in that corner of the world.

Susie and I are happy to join with SMI readers in this effort to take the gospel to new parts of India. It's an appropriate way to worship and a great way to begin your celebration of Christmas! After all, Christ came and loved a lost world (which included us), and has given us a similar mission. "As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world" (John 17:18).

May I encourage you to learn more about this project and learn how to donate here.

If you give through this link, the Jesus Film team will track your gift so it can be included in the match Susie and I make. Note that the references in the link to your gift being doubled, rather than quadrupled, don't reflect the gift Susie and I will make.