This post is well outside our usual scope, but I'm going ahead with it in part because I'm hoping you can help me.

Most of you are likely aware of the intense persecution our Christian brothers and sisters are currently facing in Syria and, more recently, Iraq. There, the new Islamic State has been giving Christians the options of fleeing with literally only the clothes on their backs, paying a $450/month tax to stay (completely out of the question for most of these people), or being killed.

"They told us, 'Go away! This is not your land. Go to your Christian people and to your pastors. Let them feed you, shelter you, and give you homes.'"

Precious little is being done about this. In fact, it's hardly even being talked about over here. France is the only country I see taking any tangible action about it.

This has been eating at me over the past week. In looking around for ways to help these brothers and sisters who have lost everything, I haven't found many options that seem to hit the issue head-on. I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise, given the relative recency of the situation, at least in Iraq. There are a few places addressing it, but not as many as I'd hope/expect, and not many that I'm very familiar with.

I'm listing a handful of the resources I've come across below. These are places that seem to be good charities to give through on this issue. But note that I haven't "vetted" them and am not personally familiar with them.

This is where you come in. Are you aware of other options to help Iraqi and Syrian Christians in this time of crisis? If you are, please share them with me. We need to pray - but I also want to do more than that. I know there are others like me out there who would also like to do something tangible but aren't sure exactly how.

If you know of other giving options and you're comfortable putting information in the comments below, please do so. Or feel free to email me if you'd rather and I can add more information to this post/comments later. Thanks in advance.

Catholic Near East Welfare Association

International Orthodox Christian Charities response to the crisis in Syria

World Vision - Syria (of the roughly 10 million displaced refugees in Syria, roughly 4 million are children)

Christian Aid Mission - helping former Muslims who have converted to Christianity in Iraq