Late last year, we presented an opportunity to SMI newsletter readers to join with shareholders of the SMI mutual funds in a matching giving campaign to help Christians who had been displaced by ISIS. I thought you'd be interested to hear how that turned out.

Our initial goal was to get donations of $25,000 in total, which would trigger the maximum $50,000 matching gift from SMI Advisory Services. Internally, our sights were set a little higher, hoping for $50,000 in donations to be matched with $50,000 for a total of $100,000.

But once again, we were blown away by the generosity of the SMI family! Total contributions from readers and shareholders came to $80,875, which when matched with the $50,000 from SMI Advisory, brought the total amount raised to a whopping $130,875!

That money is already being used to provide for basic material needs and trauma counseling for our persecuted brothers and sisters, in addition to training pastors and staff in trauma counseling. So much damage has been done, but your generosity is helping heal some of those wounds.

Thank you to all who participated and gave — we really appreciate being able to partner together in this worthy effort!