The SMI Personal Portfolio Tracker is a great tool for staying on top of your company retirement plan investments. Whether you have many mutual fund choices within your plan or just a few, the tracker will help you make the most of your opportunities.

Stocks vs. bonds

The portfolio tracker only includes stock and "hybrid" stock/bond funds — no pure bond funds are included. This is because our research has indicated that while Upgrading is an extremely effective strategy for investing in stocks, it's not an effective way to select bond mutual funds. However, this doesn't mean bonds aren't important. Depending on your risk tolerance and season of life, you may still need to include bonds in your portfolio. Our Upgrading Calculator can quickly help you determine an appropriate allocation of stocks/bonds for you. Most retirement plans offer at least one bond fund option, which you may choose to meet the bond needs of your portfolio.

Upgrading using the Portfolio Tracker

Your portfolio tracker report is organized according to SMI's risk categories. Within each risk category, you'll see the funds available through your retirement plan (provided they appear in the monthly "Fund Performance Rankings") are ranked according to their momentum scores. The "Percentile" column shows at a glance where each fund stands within its risk category, from 1 (top percentile = best) to 99 (bottom percentile = worst). Each month we update the tracker with new performance data, so you'll be able to clearly see which funds are falling behind and need to be sold, and which funds are excelling.

Normally we recommend replacing a fund when it falls below the 25th percentile (that is, has a percentile rank of 26 or higher), assuming that you have a higher rated fund available in the same risk category. Your Upgrading approach may vary based on how many fund choices you have within a given risk category, and how often your retirement plan allows you to make changes among your funds.

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