I’m in the midst of revising our Recommended Cash Flow Guidelines, moving the recommended amounts for housing downward and the recommended amounts for saving upward (more on these changes in a future blog post), among other changes. Healthcare is one of the real wildcards when developing recommendations as to how much different size households should spend. So, I’d like to know how much you spend.

Please use the comments section below to share your household’s monthly cost for health insurance and other monthly out-of-pocket healthcare costs (health savings account or flexible spending account contributions, co-pays, etc.). Please share other details as well, such as how many family members are covered by your plan, the type of health insurance you have (employer subsidized, private, health exchange, Christian sharing, etc.), whether it’s a high-deductible plan, and ways you’ve found to manage/minimize healthcare costs.

I’ll go first. Our household of five has a private high-deductible health insurance policy that costs about $760 a month. In addition, we contribute to a health savings account to the tune of $550 per month. Our out-of-pocket costs typically do not exceed the amount that we put into our HSA.

This certainly won’t be a scientific survey, but I—and I’m sure other readers—would be interested to know what others are paying for healthcare these days. So, please leave a comment below.