At first glance, Sound Mind Investing probably looks like an organization that’s all about wise money management. But what drives us is the recognition that life is really all about relationships—our relationship with God and our relationships with people. Managing money well is a means to the more important objectives of honoring God and loving well the people in our lives.

Over the past year and a half, we at SMI have been richly blessed by our relationship with a very important member of our staff: Benita Wilson. Many of you have been blessed by her as well since she’s the one who has been answering your calls and e-mails, explaining our member benefits, resolving issues, sending requested information, managing the member database, and much, much more.

Benita is ending her term of service at SMI this week in order to accept a wonderful new opportunity, and we wanted to give you at least a little bit of notice so you could send her a note to wish her well if you'd like to (you could either leave a comment below or write to her directly at

Please join us in praying for Benita—that her new assignment will be deeply rewarding and that God will continue to use her in mighty ways.

Benita, all of us in the SMI family are thankful for you and will miss you. We pray that you, Rick, and the rest of your family will experience much success and happiness in this next season.