I'm chatting on the radio today with Howard Dayton and Steve Moore of Compass — Finances God's Way. Our focus is on foreign investing. More specifically, we're addressing the question: How important is it to have foreign stocks in your investment portfolio?

We discuss why foreign markets may offer good investment opportunities, which ones, how much of your portfolio to allocate to overseas investments, and how to make such investments.

Also on the program, we tackled the following listener questions:

  • "Would I be better off taking a lump sum pension from a former employer or taking it as an annuity?"
  • "I'm almost 60, have most of my investments in stock funds, and have heard I should be reducing risk by tilting my portfolio more toward bonds. However, I'm not comfortable with bonds and don't even plan to ever retire. Do I need to be making changes to my portfolio?"

To listen to the entire 25-minute program, click the link below.

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