Several SMI members have responded enthusiastically to Austin's encouraging piece, Trusting God to Work Things Together for Good. "Timely, more than you know," said one.

"This one was a real gem," said another. "Tears and laughter reading it."

Some have asked permission to make copies for friends and loved ones. Our response: Feel free to do so!

In fact, we're granting blanket permission to make and distribute copies of this particular article. To facilitate that, we've created a PDF file containing the May Cover article only. You'll find it here.

We appreciate SMI members respecting our copyright, but in this case we want you to distribute this article as widely as possible. You may email the PDF file to anyone you like, or print it and hand out hard copies.

We believe that by reading the piece, believers will be strengthened in their faith and hold ever more fast to the God who is "invariably loving, inevitably faithful, and absolutely worthy of all [their] confidence."