The Sound Mind Investing office will be closed on Wednesday, December 24, for the Christmas holiday, and reopen on Monday, December 29.

If you need assistance in any of the following areas, please follow the instructions below:

Purchase a gift membership
Log in to the web site, then follow this link to our gift page. Currently this option is available to our members only.

Upgrade from a Basic membership to Premium, or from a monthly payment to yearly
Log in to the web site and go to the My Account page, then click on the My Billing tab. There you can click on the red "Upgrade to Premium" button, or the gray " Switch to Annual Billing" button. Note: If your account is Past Due, you will not be able to upgrade until you are removed from Past Due status. Your account will be removed from Past Due status as soon as your credit card is charged successfully for your subscription.
Credit Card payment failed
If your credit card failed, it could be an issue with your credit card or an issue with your billing information on our system. The fix for either issue is to use the Reset Payment Method button under the My Account section. To get there, log in to the the website and visit the My Account page. Click on My Billing and you will see the Reset Payment Method button. Click the Reset Payment Method button, then go to My Billing again. Click the Add a New Card link and enter the credit card you would like to use for your SMI subscription. The system will attempt to bill you again in a couple days. If it is successful, you will be removed from Past Due status.

I see a red "Reactivate Membership" button when I log in
This means you have been moved to inactive status by our system either due to a cancellation or a failed third attempt to charge your credit card. To make your account active again, simple click the Reactivate Membership button and follow the sign up process. Once this is completed, your account will be reactivated.

If you need Help with your Username or Password, please follow this link.

I'm not receiving your daily or weekly emails
Go to your My Account page and click on the Email Subscriptions tab. Check the boxes for the emails you would like to receive.

We'll be back in the office on Monday, December 29, to answer your emails and phone calls and address any issues that can't be resolved by the above instructions.