As you might imagine, it's been a hectic few days here at SMI! Our new site went live on Friday night. We didn't announce it via email at the time because we wanted to continue catching/fixing the various issues that any members who happened by would bring to our attention.

Several hundred dropped in over the weekend, and their comments/questions were immensely helpful in identifying areas that needed last minute fixing or improvement. If you were part of that group, thank you for your help! And Your patience! Your comments and emails about the problems you were encountering were so important in pointing us to those areas that needed attention. We were able to address all the major issues before yesterday's email announcment went out and thousands more members arrived to visit the site.

I thought it would be helpful to gather together in one place the responses to questions we've received in recent days. Hopefully, between the December cover article and this follow-up, we will have covered all the issues on the minds of the majority of our members. So, let's get started!

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