SMI's most popular web tool has long been the Personal Portfolio Tracker. This powerful feature, included with both basic and premium memberships, allows readers to easily personalize our mutual fund rankings to their specific company retirement plan or situation. The end result is a personalized monthly report showing only the specific funds each reader is interested in, ranked by momentum and sorted according to SMI's risk categories (or without the categories, if a reader prefers).

This allows a reader to take the 20,000+ funds SMI tracks every month and instantly transform those rankings into a concise report covering just the specific offerings of their 401k (or other plan). We've recently started updating the data around mid-month (it has just been updated today), so readers who are using the Tracker to Upgrade in their company retirement plan can make their changes sooner than in the past.

As this walkthrough of the Tracker explains, the process is simple.

  • You start with a list of funds you want to follow. You can have as many separate lists as you want, so it's no problem to set up separate 401k lists for you and your spouse, a 529 plan, or whatever other lists of funds you want to create.
  • For each list, you set up a "portfolio" in the Tracker. This is done by simply adding each fund ticker you wish to follow. The Tracker even allows you to flag which of those options you currently own for easy identification.
  • Each month, when the Tracker data is updated around mid-month, you visit the Tracker page and click on the portfolio you wish to view. All of your funds will be ranked by momentum and sorted by SMI risk category (with a simple one-button option to switch that to a "momentum view" that shows all the funds together without risk categories if you prefer).
  • This allows you to see at a glance if any of the funds you've owned have fallen down the rankings and need to be replaced!

If you haven't taken the time to set up any portfolios in the Tracker, we encourage you to give it a look. It can be a huge time saver and can even potentially help boost your returns (see Using SMI’s Portfolio Tracker to Manage A Limited 401(k) Plan for details).

Have questions about using the Portfolio Tracker? Or maybe you're utilizing this versatile tool in a way other than I've described...either way, we'd love to hear from you. Go ahead and leave a comment or question below.