In a normal month, SMI sends out close to 7,500 newsletters in the mail. We'll typically get 5-6 back due to no forwarding address for people that have moved, or other unusual situations.

Last month we got 40 or so returned.

We've never had anything like that happen in our 26+ years. Naturally, our first instinct was to check if we'd done anything to create a problem. We checked the address files, our mail house, etc. But we didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

Meanwhile, we started seeing some really odd situations popping up among the returns. For example, one reader's newsletter came back with a message "no receptacle" — yet when we called that reader, he told us his mailbox hasn't moved in 25 years!

It's too early to see if a similar issue happens with the recently mailed November issue. But we want to be sure every reader who wants the print newsletters has received them properly. So if you haven't received the October issue by mail and would like to have a copy, please email us at or call us at 877-736-3764 so we can get one sent out to you.