A major part of the mission of Sound Mind Investing is to help you have more so you can give more. We know that it all belongs to our God, and we're merely stewards of what He has entrusted to us. That's why we endeavor to use our money in a way that both glorifies Him and furthers the work of the Kingdom.

My son Matthew shares that same passion, not only for financial stewardship, but for another kind of stewardship as well—body stewardship. (His name may ring a bell. Matthew was part of the Sound Mind Investing team for 12 years.)

In January 2014, he left his secure job as Director of Operations at SMI to go out on his own and pursue writing and fitness coaching full time. Since then, he has founded HomeFitnessGurus.com, a fitness site offering online coaching, health articles, product reviews, and nutrition tools. He also founded BodyTithe.com, a Christian-focused fitness site that adds the element of Biblically-based body-stewardship content.

Matthew has just released his first book, The Body Tithe Devotional: Spiritual Encouragement For Your Fitness Journey. The book takes the reader through 90 days of daily devotions, prayers, meditations, and spiritual exercises all designed to improve your physical and spiritual fitness.

Now you may be thinking, “Well, that’s great… but I’m not on a fitness journey.” Matthew would disagree. He contends that all of us are on a fitness journey whether we choose to recognize it or not. And if we’re on a journey, it only makes sense to have our Heavenly Father lead us in it—since He should be the focus of it.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not exactly known for my active lifestyle. Yes, I try to workout (we have a small gym in our offices because I'm too lazy to drive to the real thing). And I keep a reluctant eye on my nutrition. But that’s where it ends. Now, my son goes and writes this book. As his father, of course I’m going to read it (but part of me hopes it’s not very convicting).

Well, I’m now in Week 4 of the book and I can’t tell you what a proud dad I am. Matthew has applied Biblical principles to fitness in a way that few people, to my knowledge, have done before. He is transparent. He is creative. He encourages. And he keeps the Father’s mercy, Christ’s love, and the Holy Spirit’s power at the center of it all.

Furthermore, he tailors what we need to hear so that it matches the ups and downs of a journey, while always being sure to remind the reader that, “Honoring God with your body begins by honoring Him with your heart.”

The Body Tithe Devotional would make a great Christmas gift…for yourself! And/or, you might also pick up a copy for a loved one or two. Here's a link to the book at Amazon.

This January, when you once again attempt to turn over a new leaf and vow to make some meaningful progress with your weight and fitness, take Matthew and God's word along with you each morning. Every day you can look forward to learning more about how much the Lord loves you, and how the Holy Spirit can help you use your body—a "temple of the Holy Spirit," after all—to bring Him glory.

Kyle Idelman, Bible teacher and author of Not a Fan, says: "In The Body Tithe Devotional, Matthew Pryor weaves inspiration and information to drive anyone with a body and soul to change. Matthew's transparency, insightful tips and godly direction inspired me to take action."

I've been encouraged by what the Lord has given Matthew to share. I think you might be, too.