Father, we are in awe of what we celebrate this day.

How can it be that the all-sufficient God of the universe became a helpless child resting in a feed trough? How can it be that the divine Word reduced Himself to unintelligible sounds? How can it be that the hands that once sculpted mountain ranges, now made flesh, reach to grab hold of a loving mother's finger?

We don't know how it can be. And yet it happened. Jesus came, the visible expression of the invisible God, to bring God to us and us to God.

Though the darkness of this world at times seems overwhelming, in midst of that darkness we again see the Light of Christmas, the Light that cannot be overcome. And before Him, we bow down and worship.

(Some of the wording above is adapted from the first chapter of Ken Gire’s 1989 book, Intimate Moments with the Savior, published by Zondervan.)