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The Refinancing Train Is Leaving The Station

It's been roughly 18 months since SMI last looked at the ins and outs of refinancing a home mortgage. But some things have changed since then that merit taking another quick look at the issue. What's changed? Interest
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When Is it Advisable to Prepay Your Home Mortgage?

A home is typically your most expensive asset, largest expense, and most valuable tax deduction. So, all financial decisions related to your home are extremely significant. When buying, SMI recommends putting at least 20%
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Making Sure Your House Doesn’t Own You

During the last recession, many people discovered — all too painfully — that they had stretched too far in pursuit of a central part of the American Dream: home ownership. Today, however, with mortgage rates just off their
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Is a Reverse Mortgage Right For You?

Anyone in or near retirement who has plenty of home equity but not enough income has likely heard the reverse mortgage (RM) sales pitch: "Unlock" some of that equity, taking it tax-free with no obligation to pay it back
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