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Checking In On SMI’s Optional Inflation Hedges

Many people have been extremely concerned about inflation since 2008, when the Federal Reserve started rapidly increasing the money supply. I'm not going to go into a ton of detail on this today, but suffice it to say the
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When What You Know Is True…Isn’t True

One of the most widely held beliefs since the financial crisis in 2008 has been that the Fed's printing will eventually crash the dollar. I run into this all the time when I talk to people. The reality: not only has this
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For OIH Fans with Accounts at Schwab

In the latest issue, we announced a new recommendation—Alpine Realty Income and Growth—for the real estate component in our Optional Inflation Hedges portfolio. While that fund is available at our three recommended
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The Retirement Investing Challenge: Keeping Up With Inflation While Limiting Risk

The cartoon shows a man looking over his retirement statement. The caption reads: "According to your latest figures, if you retire today, you could live very, very comfortably until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow." Accumulating
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What Do Rising Interest Rates Mean for the Stock Market?

Our article, 2nd Quarter Review: Bonds Dominate the Story, discusses the significant rise in interest rates that has occurred since the beginning of May. That has been the dominant financial news story and has had
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Financial Deceptions – Part 2

Last month, we examined the first "financial deception" regarding debt: the idea that eventually debt can be paid back with "cheaper" dollars. This month, we examine three more deceptions.
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