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Whatever Happened to Gold?

In the early 1970s I came across a small book with a seemingly big message that made a great impact on my impressionable young mind. It was called Fiat Money Inflation in France, and recounted the experience of the French
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Checking In On SMI’s Optional Inflation Hedges

Many people have been extremely concerned about inflation since 2008, when the Federal Reserve started rapidly increasing the money supply. I'm not going to go into a ton of detail on this today, but suffice it to say the
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Whither Gold?

Saw this catchy headline at MarketWatch this morning: "Gold Crashes and Is Now Tarnished for Good." Wow. "For good"? That's a long time. Let's dive a little deeper. First, a little history. Gold bullion mounted an
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How SMI Readers Can Reduce the Risk of Investing in Gold

When we last checked in on gold nearly a year ago, it had recently suffered a two-day decline of more than 13%, dropping in price from $1,560/oz. to $1,350/oz. While gold prices would continue to decline all the way to the
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Non-Traditional Assets in an IRA – Worth the Hassle?

A minor story line of the 2012 presidential campaign was the revelation that candidate Mitt Romney's IRA account was worth $102 million. While details remain murky regarding exactly how he was able to amass such a sum,
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Potholes in the Yellow Brick Road

On April 12 and 15, the price of gold dropped dramatically — from above $1,560/oz. to as low as $1,332/oz. before rebounding slightly. It was the largest two-day plunge in more than 30 years. The roughly 14% drop in just
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