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100% Of Economists: Dead Wrong

You may remember me writing early this summer about a recent survey in which 100% of economists had agreed that interest rates would rise over the following six months: It’s not that I disagreed with the conclusion — to
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What Women Should Know About Maximizing Social Security Benefits

Planning for when to begin collecting Social Security retirement benefits is especially important for women since women tend to live longer than men. It's essential that you spend time analyzing this crucial element of
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Managed-Payout Funds: Turning Nest Eggs Into Income Streams

You've worked hard all your life, diligently saved a portion of your earnings along the way, and invested that money wisely. You've built a nice nest egg to help provide for your family in your later years.
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Navigating the Oft-Neglected Areas of Later-life Care

When Jenny's 87-year-old father-in-law was being discharged from the hospital, she and her husband, Walt, were first told that he was being discharged to hospice. At the last minute, the doctors determined that he was well
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