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Articles from 11/2017

Wall Street's 2017 Market Predictions:
Pathetically Wrong

The title of this post is borrowed from a James Mackintosh column (behind paywall) in this past Friday's Wall Street Journal. Excerpts:
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Money Roundup: Do-or-Die for Some Retailers,
Good (Investing) Behavior, and more

Here's the Black Friday edition of the Roundup, our weekly collection of links to worth-reading articles on investing, personal finance, and stewardship: Black Friday sales boost may not save struggling chains (Commercial
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Is DAA Positioned for a Downturn?

One of the comments to my article last week on stock valuations expressed concern that DAA isn't currently well-positioned for a downturn. Another reader asked the related question about how DAA was positioned at the
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Using the Tracker to Manage an HSA Investment Account

Just as the Personal Portfolio Tracker can be used to manage a 401(k) or other workplace retirement plan with limited investment choices, it can also be used to manage an investable Health Savings Account
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Money Roundup: Tax-Free Retirement Income, Gratitude for a Good Year, and More

Here's our heading-into-the-weekend roundup of current articles on investing, money management, and stewardship. Enjoy! How to get entirely tax-free retirement income (The Wall Street Journal, via Reddit). It's difficult
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Stock Market Valuation Review

Stock market valuations have risen so much over the course of this now 8.5-year bull market that we're concerned about the implications of today's prices on future returns. This is a normal part of the bull/bear market
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Healthcare-Sharing Ministries and Medicare

In response to our November-issue article Bridging the Gap: Covering What Medicare Doesn’t Pay, a reader asked for a follow-up piece on “using a Christian health sharing plan as a supplement to Medicare.” We’re happy to
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Now Available: Personal Portfolio Tracker and Fund Performance Rankings with Data through 10-31-17

SMI's Personal Portfolio Tracker and monthly Fund Performance Rankings report have been updated to reflect mutual-fund performance data current through 10/31/2017. The Tracker and FPR are typically updated monthly between
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Money Roundup: Unhappy Investors in a Time of Plenty, Leveraging Your Gains for Good, and More

Our latest picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web. A bull market should make investors happy. This one isn’t. (NY Times). All investors seem to want to know is when will the good
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We Interrupt This Bull Market to Remind You…

These are heady times for stock investors. Today's one-year election anniversary marks a robust 28.5% gain for the Dow Jones Industrial Average over that time. Even more remarkable, SMI's Sector Rotation is up a stunning
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