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Articles from 04/2017

It’s Always Something, Oui?

To be a stock market investor is to suffer through a daily onslaught of confusing and misleading headlines. Even for those who try to tune out the noise, it’s impossible to completely ignore the chattering class of market
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Stock Market Valuations

In the April newsletter, we wrote an article titled The Truth About P/E Ratios. That article noted that the stock market is currently very richly valued when compared to its historical pricing, but also that market
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SMI on the Radio - Teaching Kids About Money

As with so many topics, Christian parents are in a tug of war with our culture when it comes to teaching our kids about money. And guess who's winning? Research about the financial attitudes of children ages 9-14 conducted
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Now Available: Personal Portfolio Tracker and Fund Performance Rankings with Data through 3-31-17

SMI's Personal Portfolio Tracker and monthly Fund Performance Rankings report have been updated to reflect mutual-fund performance data current through 3/31/2017. The Tracker and FPR are typically updated monthly between
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The Great Retirement Expectations Gap Widens

The latest update from the longest-running retirement study paints a picture of decreasing overall retirement confidence among American workers and growing gaps between what they expect their retirement to look like and
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DAA — New Recommendation For April 2017

There is one change to make to DAA for April. Read on for the full details. DAA is a core portfolio strategy that is designed to help SMI readers share in some of a bull market’s gains, while minimizing (or even
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