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Articles from 01/2017

An Overlooked Key to a Successful Retirement

Successful retirement planning requires many steps — estimating how much you’ll need, planning for healthcare costs, managing your portfolio, estate planning, and more. But there’s an essential step that tends to get
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A Helpful DAA Visual

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. One of my SMI Advisory partners came up with the following chart, which helps visually convey some of the important Dynamic Asset Allocation principles we've
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Making Your Own ‘What to do if…’ Plan

In the January issue of the SMI newsletter, we ran an article that recommended taking a “fiscal health day.” The idea is to take a day off from work to catch up on your financial chores and tackle all of those
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Now Available: Personal Portfolio Tracker and Fund Performance Rankings with Data through 12-31-16

SMI's Personal Portfolio Tracker and monthly Fund Performance Rankings report have been updated to reflect mutual-fund performance data current through 12/31/2016. The Tracker and FPR are typically updated monthly between
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Do You Know What’s in YOUR Portfolio?

Asset allocation is one of the most boring topics on earth. Bring it up in polite conversation or in front of a group of workshop participants and it won’t be long before eyes glaze and an epidemic of yawning breaks
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New Year, Same Concerns About This Market

If I had to write everything I think I understand about stock market cycles on an index card, this would be it:
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