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Articles from 08/2015

Money Roundup: What to Make of a Flat Market, In Defense of the 4 Percent Rule, and More

This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web. The thing about flat stock markets (Fortune). What to make of a market that’s gone nowhere for 120 days. Fed preps careful path
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Two Distinctly Different Views Of The Market

Laszlo Birinyi garnered some attention this week with his prediction that the S&P 500 could rise to 3,200 over the next two years (a roughly 50% increase from today's levels). Birinyi has been one of the most outspoken
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Escheat, As In Cheat, As In Stop Stealing Our Money

Forbes recently ran a story about "escheat laws" — originally created to protect consumers by having the state take control of abandoned assets, recent changes to these laws are increasingly turning them against consumers
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