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Articles from 02/2014

Managing the Most Important Risks

Wise investing depends heavily on risk management. That's what asset allocation is all about. And it's what objective thinking is all about, which can lower the risk of making foolish fear-based decisions during times of
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Scared Yet?

It's amazing how quickly confidence can turn to fear in the investing arena, isn't it? It was less than three weeks ago that the market was at a new all-time high, yet a couple of bad weeks later, there's a distinct whiff
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DAA: Review and Clarifications

A number of questions have been raised since Friday's update of Dynamic Asset Allocation that I thought were worth addressing in this broader forum so more people would see the answers. It feels like we've written about
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When CD Rates Seem Too Good to Be True

An SMI member in Texas recently sent us two newspaper ads for CDs with surprisingly attractive rates. One, from a company called First Fidelity Tax and Insurance, offered a 5.39% APY rate on a 3-month CD. The other,
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Don’t Let “Retirement Derailers” Undermine Your Financial Future

The goal: Ease into retirement in your 60s at a time of your choosing, and have adequate financial resources to allow you to pursue your ministry and recreational interests. The reality: More of today's 60-somethings
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