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Joseph Slife

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Money Roundup: Hoping for a Stock Plunge, Don't Over-Focus on the Markets, and More

Here's our linkfest for a midwinter Friday. Enjoy!

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Money Roundup: Raiding Retirement Accounts, Responding to Risk, and More

Here's our weekly wide-ranging grab-bag of interesting reads from around the web:

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SMI on the Radio: It’s a Crazy Good Market – Be Careful

The stock market run-up has been amazing. All the more reason to be on your guard — as SMI Executive Editor Mark Biller explains today on MoneyWise.

He talks about how following a strategy with built-in downside protection can keep you from panicking when a market that's been soaring begins falling (which it will). 

Later, in response to a caller question, Mark discusses investment-management fees — what's reasonable and what's not. And he has advice for a self-employed dual-career pastor who needs to start investing for retirement.

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Long-Term-Care Premiums Soar

The title above is taken from a Wall Street Journal article published in 2010. Since then, the situation has not improved.

This is from a new WSJ story published a few days ago:

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Reconnecting With the “Labs” in MoneyGuidePro®

It’s been one year since MoneyGuidePro®, the top-rated financial-planning software, became available to SMI premium members (by arrangement with SMI Advisory Services — an affiliated, but separate, company from the SMI newsletter and website).

The response from our premium-level members has been strong! About one-fourth of you are now using MoneyGuidePro® to improve your retirement planning and create a clear path for reaching your financial goals. We’re pleased that your feedback has been positive.

Still, there was one aspect of the introductory process for MoneyGuide-Pro® that SMI Advisory wanted to change but couldn’t — until now.

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Money Roundup: The Expanding Impact of the New Tax Law, Risky Business, and More

Here's our latest list of worthwhile reads on investing, personal finance, and stewardship.

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Updated Bonus Report on IRAs, 401(k)s, and Social Security

Now that the new tax law is in effect, we've updated several aspects of our free Bonus Report titled "IRAs, 401(k)s, and Social Security: A Retirement Planning Primer." The updated report is available in the "Resources" section of this site (click "Resources" on the toolbar above, or simply go here).

Here's an excerpt, with current tax-rate and tax-bracket data:

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Money Roundup: Implementing Tax Changes,
Staying the Course at Vanguard, and More

Here's our weekly collection of interesting reads on investing, personal finance, and stewardship. Enjoy!

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Toward a Stronger Prayer Life in 2018

If one of your resolutions for 2018 is to "pray more," I encourage you to check out the free app known as PrayerMate. A friend introduced to me to it three years ago, and it has helped me pray more regularly and specifically.

The app enables me to keep a wide range of written prayer requests in a handy location — my iPhone. (PrayerMate also works on Android phones as well as on iOS and Android tablets.)

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Money Roundup: New Tax Brackets, New Year’s Resolutions, a New Perspective, and More

Here's our weekly roundup — posted a day earlier than usual to make way for tomorrow's end-of-month DAA and Sector Rotation updates.

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