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U.S. stocks lost nearly -20% in 2022. SMI's flagship strategy cut those losses by more than half.

Are your investments building a secure future for your family?

Sound Mind Investing

Sound Mind Investing provides
do-it-yourself investors with trustworthy strategies for dependable portfolio growth.

Our unbiased, rules-based methods provide clarity, mitigate market turbulence, and generate proven long-term results. As a Christian organization, our desire to glorify God informs all that we do. Those we serve testify that this approach replaces fear and uncertainty with confidence and peace of mind.

For more than 30 years, Sound Mind Investing has helped over 30,000 families build their wealth with a steadfast approach anchored in faith.

Chuck Bentley

Sound Mind Investing serves the needs of Christians who want a proven process to follow regarding mutual fund investing. We continue to endorse their services because of their experience and integrity.

David Ashley

SMI is about more than just the numbers, as important as those may be. A true heart for God comes through. As a young man with a young family trying to get on a good track financially, I appreciate the wisdom SMI offers.

Howard Dayton

Sound Mind Investing is the ‘Consumer Reports’ for the Christian investor. They simplify the complex, so it’s easy to understand. Their long-term investment track record is impressive. And best of all, it’s biblically based, equipping readers to ‘have more so they can give more.’ Sound Mind Investing is helping Christians build eternal portfolios.

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Providing your family with true financial freedom is a heavy responsibility.

The stock market is challenging, unpredictable, and changes rapidly. Guidance can be costly, confusing, and tainted by conflicts of interest.

As a Christian intent on taking care of your family while also impacting your church and community, the stakes are high. Your family is looking to you for stability and security.

Where can you turn for trustworthy, effective investing help that’s aligned with your values?


What if you could follow a time-tested investment plan?

You’d know what steps to take, melting away financial stress. A solid, secure view of retirement would emerge, and unexpected expenses would no longer cause concern.

With confidence and peace-of-mind, you’d know that you’re making the most of the resources God has entrusted to your care.

Free to enjoy the relationships that matter most, you could live more generously than ever.

The path toward financial health and stability is within reach.

We take the fear out of investing with objective, proven strategies that do-it-yourself investors can implement with confidence.

At SMI we don’t try to predict where the market is going. Instead we offer unbiased, rules-based investing strategies that provide peace of mind, mitigate market turbulence, and generate proven long-term results.

Fund Upgrading Icon

Fund Upgrading

Fund Upgrading— SMI’s longest-running actively managed strategy— is designed to outperform the market.

After calibrating your portfolio to your unique time frame and risk level, Fund Upgrading diversifies your holdings across various stock categories using our proprietary, trend-following momentum system.

With minimal monthly maintenance, this mechanical process will help keep you in the market’s “sweet spot” of strong performance.

Dynamic Asset Allocation Icon

Dynamic Asset Allocation

SMI’s most conservative strategy, DAA is designed to capture some of a bull market’s gains while protecting against bear market losses.

This “winning by not losing” approach monitors the performance of six uncorrelated asset classes, owning the three currently best matched with the market’s short-term trends.

DAA has been especially effective at minimizing bear market damage when stocks decline significantly.

Just-The-Basics Icon


Our simplest strategy, Just-the-Basics uses index funds to spread your dollars across the domestic and foreign stock markets (and, in some cases, bonds).

This straightforward strategy is perfect for managing a workplace retirement plan that offers a limited set of investment choices.

Because Just-the-Basics requires portfolio changes only once a year, its tax efficiency makes it well-suited for taxable accounts.

Sector Rotation Icon

Sector Rotation

This high-octane “add-on” strategy (recommended for no more than 20% of your portfolio) directs you to the highest-performers within a universe of highly concentrated sector funds.

Sector Rotation is a high-risk and high-reward strategy that has generated outstanding average annual returns over the past 20+ years.

Sound Mind Investing offers Basic and Premium memberships, with monthly and money-saving annual payment options available.

You can get started today for as little as $9.99

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Fund Upgrading

Well-performing funds tend to keep doing well for a while. Upgrading keeps you in funds currently in favor.


Our simplest strategy enables you to own the entire market via index funds.

Dynamic Asset Allocation

A low-risk strategy that helps you share in a bull market’s gains and minimize bear-market losses.

Sector Rotation

A high-risk / high-reward strategy that involves investing in a specific sector such as energy or technology.

Monthly Print Newsletter

Delivered to you once a month, packed with helpful advice and performance data.

Personal Portfolio Tracker

Enables you to implement SMI strategies using the funds in your 401(k) or other workplace retirement plan.

Fund Performance Rankings

Don't have all of SMI’s recommended funds available to you? The monthly FPR lists plenty of alternates.

Investor Community Forum

Get financial insights and spiritual support directly from other SMI members.


MoneyGuide, an industry-leading online financial planning tool (requires an additional one-time $50 fee). Plan for your retirement, manage your cashflow, and view your financial future using this powerful software. You’ll be able to quickly track progress towards your goals, while prioritizing what matters most. Immediately visualize the impact of adjusting factors in your control — such as retirement age and savings — on your financial future.

Both memberships include our monthly print newsletter and access to our online content, including:

Timely need-to-know articles for your financial success
Our exclusive portfolio tracking tool to manage your workplace retirement plan
A community forum to learn from and exchange ideas with other SMI members

(MoneyGuide®) allowed us to continuously organize our expenses, assets, and thoughts and ultimately run the Monte Carlo scenario to give us assurance that we have the assets needed to make it through the retirement phase of our lives.

Paul Tosselo
Paul & Colleen Tosello Colleyville, Texas

Sound Mind Investing is a constant source of information (and comfort during the market downturns). The more I learn from reading your articles and newsletter, the more confident I am in managing the resources God has given us.

Margaret Reith
Margaret Reith Prospect Park, New Jersey

SMI was an answer to prayer! We've developed a workable budget, paid off debt, started a contingency fund, opened college savings accounts, and went from negative returns in our retirement accounts to positive returns — immediately. Best of all, we get our financial advice from a source that truly puts God first.

Cate Brizzell
Cate Brizzell Sarasota Springs, New York

Thank you for the blessing you and your staff have been to me and my family. Because of you, I have my ‘Investing/Retirement House’ in order. I read your articles every day and feel like you are family.

Doug Vanderpool
Doug Vanderpool Anecortes, Washington
Mark Biller

At Sound Mind Investing, our objective is to help Christian investors experience the joy of providing for their families while also generously supporting God’s work.

More than 30 years ago, at Larry Burkett’s suggestion, we stepped in to fill the void of providing trustworthy investing guidance to the Christian community. It’s an honor to help our members build better futures for their families and communities.

Sound Mind Investing’s name comes from 2 Timothy 1:7: “For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Armed with the right knowledge and processes, you’ll discover that investing doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. We take pleasure in bringing clarity, confidence, and a solid financial foundation to our members.

Mark Biller Executive editor, Sound Mind Investing
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Still have questions?

Discover how to profit while enjoying peace of mind, even in a turbulent market.

In this 10-minute video workshop you’ll discover…

  1. How to grow your portfolio while protecting against loss and downturns
  2. A trustworthy, methodical investing system you can depend on for strong returns and peace of mind
  3. Why successfully navigating bear markets is just as important to your success as capitalizing on bull markets